Women In Local Government Webinar Series

NRWC’s Women In Local Government Webinar Series has been developed to assist women who are interested in standing as a local councillor. The program consists of 6 webinars of 90 minutes over 6 weeks. In addition the series offers one on one support for each participant to assist in developing their campaign, a networking opportunity with other women candidates, an overview of the communication tools needed to run a campaign and as well as covering the emotional, financial and physical commitments involved.

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This program will be immediately relevant to women in Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria as those states are conducting local government elections in 2020. However ALL are women are welcome to register as longer term planning when running for office and awareness of what is needed to plan a campaign leads to successful outcomes. If you are interested in standing for local government election and want to know more or perhaps you are already running for election in 2020 or a future election, this course is for you.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Discover how women can make a difference through local politics
  • Find out what skills are required to be a councillor and run a campaign
  • Learn how to develop and refine your message and communications
  • Understand how to manage finances, time and family
  • Plan your best campaign

Participants will:

  • Understand voting systems and how local governments function
  • Complete a skills assessment
  • Gain an awareness of the emotional, financial and physical commitments
  • Map a campaign with time frames, communication plan and activities and prepare a campaign budget
  • Leave each session with an action plan ready to implement

Additional info:

  • Sessions are recorded and available to participants if they miss a session
  • A closed Facebook page is also available so participants can network and ask questions of the Facilitator between sessions
  • Participants will also be introduced to the Australian Local Government
  • Women’s Association.


$995 gst included.

Payment on registration. * Limited number of places available, so get in quick. Minimum numbers required for course to proceed.


  • Meet and Greet
  • Understanding Local Government in Australia

Tuesday 11 Feb 2020 | 8pm – 9pm [AEST]


Is Local Council for Me?

  • What it involves and takes to be a candidate; emotionally, physically and financially and what’s in store if you get elected to council.

Tuesday 18 Feb 2020 | 8pm – 9.30pm [AEST]


Planning Your Campaign

  1. Brand You
  2. Management Systems
  3. Pulling your team together

Tuesday 25 Feb 2020 | 8pm – 9.30pm [AEST]


Planning Your Campaign

  1. Communications
  2. Planning traditional and social media
  3. Developing and promoting your message

Tuesday 3 Mar 2020 | 8pm – 9.30pm [AEST]


Planning Your Campaign


  1. Finances
  2. Legal obligations
  3. Risk management
  4. Your countdown plan until Election Day

Tuesday 10 Mar 2020 | 8pm – 9.30pm [AEST]


What to Know when Running your Race

  1. You don’t get Elected (this time)
  2. You get elected
  3. Wrap up and action planning review

Tuesday 17 Mar 2020 | 8pm – 9.30pm [AEST]

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