Get Involved

CrAlwynFriedersdorff350Cr Alwyn Friedersdorff represents Australian Local Government Women’s Association. She lives in Wynyard (Tasmania), where she serves as an elected member on the local council.

Previously, Alwyn worked as a primary school teacher, among other jobs, and after retiring 8 years ago, is working harder than ever.“I’m very much a community involved person and like being active, energetic and innovative in various projects that are happening around the country.

Alwyn believes isolation is one of the greatest challenges facing rural women, and encourages them to use the internet to connect with the rest of Australia. “It’s about finding innovative ways to connect, and many of them do - there are women out there in regional, rural and remote areas who are actually doing pretty amazing things like studying online and becoming professionals, starting up their own businesses or adding to their business skills, and that’s one way the NRWC can assist them. “

In five years, I hope the NRWC will be the first port of call to engage rural, regional and remote women to engage with, and it would be nice to have more paid staff to create greater efficiencies – volunteering is extremely demanding and drains our energy resources considerably,” she concludes.