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Weather the Storm

In December 2013, the National Rural Women's Coalition will be launching a new FREE kit titled WEATHER THE STORM.  This kit can be used to support women to prepare for disasters and emergencies.  This kit will be launched via video on the NRWC web page.  Why not pop back in mid December and check it out?


Rural Proofing Australia – We all count!

“One third of all Australians live in rural, remote and regional communities and one third of all Australian women live in regional communities. All communities matter,” says Dr Pat Hamilton, Vice President of the National Rural Women’s Coalition.  Whether we live in a regional community or an urban community we all count.

The National Rural Women’s Coalition, in the lead up to the Federal Election is calling for greater consultation with rural, remote and regional communities and consideration of the needs and interests of rural people.

The 2013 National Rural Women’s Summit in February has called for the ‘rural proofing’ of all future government policies and programs, a practice already successfully employed in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand.


Thank You for your interest in E-Leaders 2013

The National Rural Women's Coalition was overwhelmed with 73 applications for the 2013 E-Leaders course.  A special congratulations goes to the 20 women whose applications were accepted.  The projects outlined were of an extremely high standard, and we wish the 20 E-Leaders course participants all the best as they work on their goals over the next 20 weeks.   The NRWC will be offering another E-Leaders course with a different twist in 2014.  If you would like to know more, please sign up as a supporter to our network or follow us on social media.  We will be promoting this course early 2014.


Overwhelming Response to E-Leaders Program

The National Rural Women's Coalition thanks the many women who applied to do the 2013 e-leaders course.  Applications have now closed and all applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application by the end of July.

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