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Welcome to the National Rural Women's Coalition

The National Rural Women's Coalition provides a collaborative voice for women living in rural, remote and regional Australia.  It represents the diverse views of women helping to build a positive profile of their achievements and issues. NRWC provides policy advice to the Australian Government on matters relevant to the views and circumstances of rural women and also takes a leading role in ensuring that it helps as many rural, regional and remote women as possible to achieve their goals.

Representing a broad range, including women in regional towns, women in primary production, professional and businesswomen, socially and intellectually isolated women, indigenous women, young women, elderly women, and community volunteers, the NRWC presents initiatives throughout the year that help women achieve success by building dreams together through a shared trust and respect.

The NRWC provides initiatives such as leadership programs, forums, meetings, conferences, round-tables and webinars as well as other digital communication platforms such as social media to communicate with women throughout Australia. It brings women together who are sometimes thousands of miles apart geographically and whilst distance is a barrier, these women have so many similar attributes in their personal lives and professional aspirations. Technology enables the NRWC to continue to deliver exceptional programs to enhance the skills of these rural, regional and remote women.

Virtual training classrooms and other digital communication channels have enabled these Australian women to become empowered to shine, equipping them with the skills to make a difference within their industry and/or community.Formed in 2002 and funded by the Australian Government, the National Rural Women’s Coalition is one of five alliances taking the lead and ensuring the voices of as many women as possible are heard by Government, especially those women, who in the past have found it difficult to engage in advocacy and decision making.

e-Leaders Projects

The NRWC Rural Regional and Remote Women's Muster is now open for applications.  Applications close 5pm AEST on the  19 October 2017.

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Through the National Rural Women’s Coalition, you will discover a jam packed calendar that will provide you with endless networking opportunities.

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2018 Roundtable Canberra
2018 Roundtable Canberra
Monday, 16. April 2018 until Wednesday, 18. April 2018 09:00 - 17:00

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