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About The E-Leaders Program

The E-Leaders 2016 Program is one of the many projects of the NRWC. Over the past four and half years leadership programs have been delivered using web conferencing software that incorporates interactive classroom-style learning. To date over 120 rural women have been empowered to shine, equipped with the skills to make a difference within their industry and/or community. Participants log on from the convenience of their own homes to learn and to network with like-minded women around Australia. 

What do others have to say?

Jess Fealy is a recent graduate of the NRWC E-Leaders Program. Jess says “I’m a farmer, a mum of four kids and I work 2 days a week, time is scarce. I loved the E-Leaders [Program] because it gave me access to learning, networking and like-minded people and fitted in with my busy lifestyle.” 


What Do Past E-Leader Participants Have To Say?

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The 2015 "The Path to Great Advocacy" E-Leaders to Canberra report is here.

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2014 Women Towards Sustainability E-Leader - Erica Blumson from Mt Molloy, Queensland.

“Participating in the E-Leaders program has been fantastic for me as I didn't have to leave the house, my family or work commitments!  The program allowed me to access the best speakers from across Australia and I could network with other women in similar roles".

"I looked forward to the weekly webinars to get inspiration from others in rural communities.  The webinars were inspiring and often my head would be swimming with ideas and questions afterwards!  The feedback from other participants and from the presenters gave me confidence to keep moving forward with my project" 

Emma Taylor - 2013 E-Leaders Program Participant


"Being part of the e-leaders program, I felt connected and engaged and my joy of learning was re-ignited.  It was a real chance to develop the life skills and knowledge I needed to contribute to my rural community through positive actions and a constructive approach".

Megan Baker, 2013 E-Leaders Program Participant

"It really was a fantastic opportunity.  I am always one to look for new opportunities for personal growth and develoment and also to learn new skills that I can take back into my community and share.  I saw the e-leaders opportunity and thought the online concept would work very well with my busy workload and family commitments.  I have a satellite connection and often I could not interact, however I was still able to listen and learn from the recorded sessions".

Ley Webster, 2013 E-Lleaders Program Participant


For More Information About the e-leaders Program, please contact the E-Leaders Project Coordinator -  Kerryn Suttor.

Email:  projects@nrwc.com.au

Phone:  0448 629 647

For information about the NRWC, contact the Program Manager.  pm@nrwc.com.au

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2016 E-Leaders Social Media Program

What is an E-Leaders Program?

In recent years the National Rural Women's Coalition has delivered a range of online learning and leadership programs to women living in rural, remote and regional Australia. We are pleased to announce the launch of our popular E-Leaders Social Media Program..

Contact us for more information

Kerryn Suttor
Project Coordinator
0448 629 647

Dr Pat Hamilton
President NRWC
0409 180 164





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